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Laughter Therapy

Laughter therapy

You’ve probably heard the term, “laughter is the best medicine”. It might even seem a bit cliché, but it still holds true. If you’re feeling down, forcing yourself to smile or laugh can turn your mood around. If you’re in need of a pick-me-up, hang out with people who are upbeat. If you’re with others who are down as well, it’s going to be difficult for each of you to get out of the dip! No one can truly be happy 100% of the time. If you’re unhappy more than you are happy, it could be time to seek some help – but, part of your therapy could very well be to use laughter. 

There are clinics that promote laughing as part of a group. This entails gathering in a circle and forcibly laughing while the group participates. Depending on who is running the event, each person may take a turn laughing and then the group joins after the last person completes the exercise. This probably seems a bit odd to anybody looking in from the outside, but if you’re part of the group, you’ll be feeling good and making great friends in the process. 

Laughter helps to lower stress levels, too. It releases endorphins in your brain which are responsible for you feeling good. It’s even believed to help in producing antibodies that can fight disease; hence, “laughter is the best medicine”. If you’re going to incorporate laughter into your routine, no matter how strange it feels early on, you’ll soon get used to it and have the tools you need to change your mood. After a while, you’ll find yourself laughing for real rather than forcing it. 😁

I offer individual laughter therapy sessions via Zoom, which you can book directly below.

If you’d like to book an in-person group session for 4 to 8 people at a location of your choice, please book a 30-minute chat to discuss your requirements. Make it a regular event by block booking 6 sessions for a fantastic discount.