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Reclaim your Power! 90 Days to Authentic Mastery

Reclaim your Power! 90 days to authentic mastery

Transform within; achieve beyond

Introducing Reclaim your Power! 90 Days to Authentic Mastery, an intensive programme designed to amplify your transformation journey even further through spiritual empowerment.

Are you ready to create a new vision for your future in just 90 days?

Unlock a deeper transformation with Reclaim your Power!

Are you a person who has overcome obstacles and is ready to elevate your life to the next level? Are you driven to not just transform yourself but also make a significant impact beyond your immediate environment? If so, Reclaim your Power! 90 Days to Authentic Mastery is designed specifically for you. This programme aligns seamlessly with our mantra of “Transform Within; Achieve Beyond” by offering you the tools, techniques, and community to deeply transform your inner world while equipping you to achieve tangible success in the external world.

What is Reclaim your Power!?

Reclaim your Power! is an impactful 90-day programme that is designed to catalyse real transformation in your life. With this meticulously curated course, you don’t just find your passion; you align it with a purpose and set soul actions; goals that resonate with who you aspire to be. It’s a call to step beyond conventional frameworks, a nudge to explore what’s possible when you unite inner transformation with outer achievement.

How does it work?

Throughout the programme, you’ll embark on a journey of self-discovery, exploring your innate strengths, values, and beliefs. We’ve incorporated engaging exercises to help you unearth your life’s purpose and build a roadmap for your future. And we don’t stop there; this programme takes a holistic approach to align your mental and physical wellbeing, delving into the interplay between mind and body.

Mindset is a crucial component of Reclaim your Power! We tackle limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that have been obstacles on your path. You’ll learn practical strategies for stress management, resilience building, and creating a dynamic, adaptable mindset.

Your guide

Led by me, Jane Sandford, a certified holistic health practitioner, clinical hypnotherapist and mind management coach with years of first-hand experience in transformation, Reclaim your Power! gives you access to a supportive community of like-minded individuals. This communal aspect enriches the journey, providing not just shared wisdom but also accountability.

Reclaim your Power! is more than just a programme; it’s an opportunity to transform your life from the inside out. It’s a call to break free from past constraints, to discover – and be – your true self, realise your full potential, and to build a life that’s both fulfilling and deeply purposeful.

So, if you’re prepared to make the leap into a brighter, more aligned future, I warmly invite you to join us. Together, we can co-create the life you’ve always dreamed of.


Unit 1: Find your passion
Unit 2: Align your passion with purpose
Unit 3: Set your goals with soul systems
Unit 4: Discover your blocks
Unit 5: Mind-body synchronicity
Unit 6: Truth and transformation
Unit 7: Switch your thinking
Unit 8: Dynamic mindset adaptability
Unit 9: Power up for authenticity
Unit 10: Authentic self-promotion
Unit 11: Live your true purpose
Unit 12: Universal laws and applied wisdom
Unit 13: Maintenance and mindfulness
Bonus unit: Connect to give back

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Bonus:  Free live support calls (worth £720)

To make sure you’re on the right track, you’ll get further support from me with a free live accountability call each month for six months.

Introducing the Reclaim your Power! 90 Days to Authentic Mastery Programme, designed to amplify your transformation journey even further through spiritual empowerment.

Want to know more?

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