Are you ready to take your life to the next level?

The Vibe and Vision Workshop is the perfect opportunity to focus on your dreams and start manifesting the life you deserve!

This workshop is a creative departure from traditional vision board methods. It introduces a novel and vibrant way to visualise and manifest your dreams. Here, you'll embrace the law of vibration, learning to boost the energy of your desires and bring them vividly to life.

Live Online Workshop

April 7, 2024
10:00am Greenwich Mean Time


  • FREE workbook
  • FREE 7-day manifesting journal
  • FREE 30-day manifesting challenge
  • Visualisation for abundance
  • Universal bank cheque
  • 5 FREE e-books to help you with your manifesting and take your vibe sky high
  • Guided meditations and much more...

Creating a vibrational board in the workshop is a journey into understanding and reflecting your unique energetic vibration alongside your goals.

As you align with the frequency of your aspirations, you begin to naturally attract abundance, joy, and success into every aspect of your life.

Through a series of empowering exercises and techniques, you'll unlock and embrace the full magnitude of your potential.

This workshop is all about you – not just ticking off your goals, but also sparking a beautiful change within. It's designed to help you unlock the best version of yourself.

When you wrap up, you'll be taking away so much more than just a plan. Expect to have a fresh outlook on life, a richer understanding of the way things work in the universe, and a set of tools that will help you build the life you've always wanted.

Experiencing the fulfillment of manifesting your goals brings a unique sense of joy and satisfaction, resonating deeply within you.

At the end of the Vibe and Vision workshop, you'll have a vibrant, actionable plan, a roadmap to guide you towards your dreams.

Your soul system merges your intentions and passions, infusing purpose into every action and aligning each step with your goals.

The workshop is an enlightening experience, opening doors to new possibilities. You’ll leave feeling empowered, ready to embrace both challenges and opportunities with a renewed spirit.

This journey is about your personal growth, acknowledging your transformative steps, and actively engaging in the reality you're creating.

Facilitated by Jane Sandford

Accredited Law of Attraction Coach

Accredited Life Purpose Coach

Accredited Holistic Health Practitioner

Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist

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What others say

"I loved my FIRST Vibe and Vision workshop, Jane is an amazing facilitator, coach and is super knowledgeable about all things manifesting, vibration and working with the laws of nature. My vibe is definitely higher and I look forward to seeing what unfolds for me in the next 6 months.

As soon as Jane advertises the next workshop, book your place, you will love it! Thanks again Jane, see you on the next one." - Gillian C.

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