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Crystal Reiki


There is something special about Crystal Reiki that sets it apart from other healing modalities. The combination of crystals and Reiki creates a powerful and effective conduit that can be used to help balance the energies in the body.

I believe that everybody has the ability to heal themselves and I love to share my knowledge and experience with my students and clients alike.

Balance energies in the body

Heal yourself

Find peace

I am passionate about helping people find balance and peace in their lives through the healing power of Reiki, and my passion is evident in my commitment to helping others. I am a certified Usui Reiki Master and have been certified by Natural Healer – a board certified, accredited school with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and an accredited institution with the International Natural Healers Association. I have also received additional certifications and training in various styles of Reiki, including Crystal Reiki, for which I am a master teacher.

Crystal Reiki can be received in-person either at your home, distance via Zoom, or at The Well Being Centre, Liskeard, or The Therapy Room, Looe.

A Crystal Reiki distance healing session is done using a surrogate. Here is Ashton the Bear enjoying his surrogate healing session.

In a distance healing session, I will connect with you energetically at a pre-arranged time and ask that you relax and get yourself into a meditative state. We will have a follow-up Zoom call afterwards so that you can ask any questions and share your experience.

Face-to-face sessions are available on Saturdays at The Well Being Centre, Liskeard and on Fridays at The Therapy Room, Gifts & Myths, Looe.

Teddy bear surrounded by crystals as a surrogate for a crystal healing session