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Crystal Grid Distance Healing

Crystal Grid Distance Healing

Distance crystal grids are popular, and for good reason—distance healing is accessible to everybody!

I’ve set up grids for a real hodgepodge of intentions – to name just a few:

  • Finding love
  • Fixing a car
  • Getting a new job
  • Pain relief
  • Transitioning through death
  • Earning more money
  • Becoming re-energised
  • Long-COVID relief
  • Eating healthily
  • Getting in the best physical shape

People started asking me to set up a grid for them here at my home, and I’ve been more than happy to oblige when asked to set one up – they have become wildly popular.  This is something that I love and it’s meant that I’ve been able to help so many people whilst exploring crystals in a deeper and more intuitive way.

I’m offering a week of crystal grid intentions and daily, short, distance Reiki sessions for only £55. This includes two consultations, lasting between 30 and 45 minutes, crystal grid setup and activation and 70 minutes of Reiki.

It gets better… I’m more than happy to barter for in-kind goods/services of equivalent value. I’ve decided to do it this way because I value certain energy exchanges more than I do money.

And even better still… a percentage of all energy exchanges will be paid forward in one way or another; whether that’s through the bartered goods and services or with a free distance crystal healing session for somebody who’s struggling.

I want to make this as affordable as possible — so if you need help with anything at all, no matter how small it is, get in touch!

Schedule a free, no-obligation call today to find out more.

Your £55 investment includes:

  • 30 to 45-minute, in-depth, 10-point consultation
  • Grid set up and activation once you have approved
  • Photo with grid in situ* in the size of your choice, e.g. background, screensaver
  • Daily energy cleansing, recharging and Reiki for one week
  • Final 30-minute consultation/review

*Your grid will be placed away from other crystals/grids.

If you’d like the same grid to remain in place for any length of time, this will be an additional £3 per day or equivalent.

If you’d like a new grid set up for the same purpose after the first week, this will be an additional £33 or equivalent for one week, and this includes daily cleansing, recharging and Reiki.

Flower of life crystal grid altar cloth with two angel oracle cards