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Crystal of the Month: January | Garnet

The image displays a close-up of multiple deep red garnet gemstones. The gems in the centre are in sharp focus, revealing their clarity and sparkling facets. Overlaying these is the word "Garnet" in a stylish cursive font. The garnets towards the edges blur softly, highlighting the central text and conveying a sense of luxury.

January’s here and it’s got a gem of strength to offer! My Crystal of the Month is Garnet – consider it your personal beacon of resilience in the chill of winter.

This month’s straightforward and insightful booklet includes:

  • a concise exploration into Garnet’s history – its origins and its symbolic significance of enduring strength.
  • tips on identification – because authenticity is key.
  • an overview of properties – how Garnet can bolster your courage and perseverance.
  • easy healing techniques – practical methods to harness Garnet’s revitalising energy in your everyday life.
  • a brief meditation on empowerment – complete with an affirmation for inner fortitude.
  • plus, a crystal grid guide tailored for Garnet to channel its powerful energy exactly where you need it.
  • No superfluous content, just valuable insights.

Who’s geared up to enhance their crystal collection? Dive into the booklet and let’s embark on making January a month of powerful transformations.

Click here to view or download the booklet: Crystal of the Month: January | Garnet