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Crystal of the Month: November | Citrine

November’s here and it’s bringing something special with it! My Crystal of the Month is Citrine – think of it as a little pocket of sunshine for the shorter days ahead.

This month’s no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point booklet includes:

  • a brief dive into Citrine’s History – where it’s from and its sunny disposition.
  • tips on Identification – because nobody likes a fake.
  • a rundown of Properties – what Citrine can do for your zest and zen.
  • simple Healing techniques – straightforward ways to invite some of that Citrine cheer into your life.
  • a quick Meditation on abundance – with an affirmation to make it stick.
  • plus, a Crystal Grid guide using Citrine to get all that good energy flowing right where you want it.

No fluff, just the good stuff.

Who’s ready to level up their crystal game? Check out the booklet and let’s get cracking on making November a month to remember.

Click here to view or download the booklet: Crystal of the Month: November | Citrine