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Crystal of the Month: February | Amethyst

An expansive, close-up view of numerous amethyst crystals with a panoramic, wide format. The crystals vary in shade from light lavender to deep purple, showcasing their natural, multifaceted surfaces that gleam with a crystalline sparkle. Overlaying the centre is the word "Amethyst" in a cursive, elegant white font, contrasting beautifully against the rich purple background of the gemstones. The overall effect is one of abundance and splendour, highlighting the beauty and depth of the amethyst crystals.

February’s frost is melting away, and it’s revealing something magical in its wake! My Crystal of the Month is Amethyst – a beacon of tranquillity and wisdom during the still-crisp days ahead.

This month’s straightforward, all-essentials booklet includes:

  • A brief exploration of Amethyst’s history – its origins and its serene legacy.
  • Tips on identification – because authenticity matters.
  • An overview of properties – how Amethyst can enhance your calm and intuition.
  • Easy healing techniques – uncomplicated methods to weave Amethyst’s peaceful energy into your daily life.
  • A quick meditation for spiritual growth – featuring an affirmation to deepen the connection.
  • Plus, a crystal grid guide tailored for Amethyst to help you channel its mystical vibes exactly where they’re needed most.
  • Pure, undiluted insights.

Who’s prepared to elevate their crystal collection? Dive into the booklet and let’s embark on making February a month filled with peace, insight, and spiritual awakening.

Click here to view or download the booklet: Crystal of the Month: February | Amethyst