My story

You can do it!

Back in 1999, I thought my life was over. My core being had been chipped away at until I was nothing but a shell. I turned this around; I was a blank canvas – and through sheer persistence and determination, I’ve repainted myself as a masterpiece!


I’m here to tell you that you can do the same and I’d love to help. It might get a little messy along the way, but with my guidance, you’ll soon discover how to reframe your beliefs and feel confident enough to share the bright, colourful and magnificent being that you are destined to be.


The day my life changed

I remember the day my life changed. It was Boxing Day 1999. I was in an abusive relationship and dependent on drugs. The day before – Christmas Day – I’d taken all my anti-depressants. As I lay on the sofa, slowly losing consciousness, I heard my husband shout, “Are you going to f*cking feed us or what?” That’s the last I remember.


I slept. He obviously wasn’t worried about me. He didn’t call an ambulance. I woke up the next day feeling sick and groggy. I was in bed – I don’t remember how I got there. My husband was asleep beside me. There was broken glass on the floor where he’d kicked and shattered the mirror. I picked up a shard and scratched at my arm until it bled. It didn’t take long before a small red puddle appeared. I dipped my finger in it and smeared the blood over his face.



The voice

“What are you doing? You’re an intelligent woman, just leave.”


The voice startled me. Logically, I knew there was nobody there, but the voice was loud and clear! My grandmother had died two years before and, at that moment, I sensed her presence.  She’d been an abused wife, too. Something shifted in me, dramatically, right there and then.


I knew I couldn’t start the new millennium with my husband. The following day, 27th December 1999, I went into a Women’s Aid refuge.  I was ready to reclaim my life.


Fast forward

Fast forward 10 years to 2009.  I’d rediscovered myself after years of narcissistic abuse. I wanted to help others in a similar situation. I took courses in stress management, crystal healing, aromatherapy and Reiki. But, I wasn’t ready to give up the security of my day job.


Fast forward another 10 years and the pull towards helping others became too strong.  I took a counselling practitioner course, and qualified with a range of practical therapies to share with those who need them most.


It’s all about the confidence!

I’m now a Confidence Coach and I support survivors of narcissistic abuse to take back and rebuild their lives.


I empower those who have experienced abuse to cut through the bullshit beliefs that have been ingrained in them through years of manipulation and intimidation, and equip them to discover their passions and strengths to power up their lives to achieve their full and true potential. 


Free 30-minute listening call

I'm here to listen.

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I'm ready to power up!

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