Holistic Therapies

Reiki and Crystal Reiki

Crystal Reiki combines the intentions inherent in the properties of crystals and the energy of Reiki, the universal life force, to create a powerful and refined conduit that can be used to help balance energies.

You can receive both Reiki and Crystal Reiki online via video call or through a distance healing session.

In our distance healing session, at a pre-arranged time I ask that you relax and get yourself into a meditative state ready for me to carry out the energy healing.  We will then have a follow-up video call.

Alternative therapies,United Kingdom,Reiki therapist with a client in a therapy session touching meridian points on the body.

Sound Healing

To receive the full benefit of a sound healing session, due to the resonance of the instruments, I prefer to do sound healing and music therapy sessions face-to-face.

I am happy to do an online session via video call and because this will not be of as high a quality as a face-to-face session, I am offering a discounted price.

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Does the ‘Woo Woo’ work?

It’s now understood that the classic atomic model of reality no longer applies at the most fundamental level of matter.  We are moving towards accepting that our reality exists in a state of flux where what our limited perception sees as a constant is actually blinking in and out of existence according to our presence as the observer.

The Double Slit Experiment, where it explains that what we always assumed was fixed matter is actually 99.9999% energy with 0.000001% matter.  In that quantum reality, everything exists as waves of probability that are only collapsed into reality with our observation and awareness.

In a double-blind study in 2000 conducted by Leonard Leibovici, two groups of patients with sepsis were identified.  The first group received distance healing/prayer and the second received no intervention.  The group that received the distance healing/prayer experienced significantly shorter hospitalisation and fever and the mortality rate was less.

Plot twist!  The individuals who conducted the healing in 2000 were praying for patients who had been hospitalised from 1990 to 1996 – 4 to 10 years AFTER their illness.  This shows that our intentions impact not only our present and future, but the past, too!

Free 30-minute listening call

I'm here to listen.

I offer a FREE, no-obligation, 30-minute video call, where you can tell me a little about yourself, your experiences up until now and where you'd like to see yourself in the future. 

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